Monday, January 17, 2011

Owls...the better gopher trap

The crew, armed with many traps, have kept the gopher population under control but reinforcements are on the way.  Apparently, owls eat alot of rodents.  All kinds, big and small, and none safe when these warriors are around.  When I say they eat "alot" that means 60-70 lbs in an eight week period when there are babies involved.  "Alot" means 1500-3000 rodents in a season.  Wow! 

 So in order to help recruit these new crew members, housing was erected.  The first owl condo was placed between holes 1 and 9 with others to be placed in the native areas across the entire golf course. 
 This is just another attempt to reduce pesticides and improve conditions for less money.
Looks like there is a buffet close by this new house....."come and get it"!!  Who knows, we might even put one of our infrared security cameras in one of the boxes for Corral's first Owl Box Cam.  Stay Tuned!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Giant Gophers?

If you look to the right of the 6th hole you will see mounds of dirt piled in the "boneyard".  It is not giant gophers or work on the well that has created these temporary mounds.  As we remove kikuyu grass from the deep roughs we are burying it deep in the bowels of the boneyard.  When the holes are filled and capped with plenty of soil, the remainder will be used on maintenance projects or just spread out in the area and replanted.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Sign

Thanks to a great crew, I won't be making very much money.