Saturday, February 19, 2011

It Just Keeps Coming

After a dry January and much talk about a dry La Nina year destined to cripple the area .... RAIN.  And lots of it!!  Tuesday night, after finishing the topdressing of the fairways, brought a half inch of rain.

Wednesday another .35 inches fell and the creek started to run.  Golfers (a few with shorts on) came out anyway.

Thursday, after sending the crew home early, rain and sleet fell for another 1.3 inches.  Believe it or not, golfers were out.

Friday, another short day for the crew, .85 inches fell with a couple of really hard down pours.
Yes, we had golfers.

Saturday started out nice but more rain blew in for another .65 inches.
We were able to mow the greens and rake the bunkers and players were out in force.

Now lets' watch how well the drainage works!!