Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Greens Aerification Update

The greens were aerified multiple times with the goal of inserting as much sand into the profile as possible.  That goal was achieved by pushing 2000 lbs of sand per 1000 square feet to depths varying from 1/2 inch to 10 inches. 
 By rolling with a 3 ton roller, the surface was smoothed back out quickly with no damage to the turf.  The roller did a great job but there were areas that needed a little extra weight so we added another ton as pictured below.

 Just kidding .... the roller was parked for this family photo but it is nice to have a picture that boggles the minds of most greenkeepers.
Some putting greens received an additional aerification with the 1" tines and more sand was applied.
I am pretty sure that there was not one square inch that did not get poked by a tine and sand inserted into the profile.  This process has worked each of the last 5 years as we transition our push up / soil based greens towards sand based putting surfaces.

The greens were mowed Tuesday afternoon ( 1 week after completing the process) and are recovering quickly.  The weather has really cooperated this year.  The warm temperatures and the possibility of rain this weekend will continue to help the recovery.


It is that time of the year when we aerify the fairways with a machine the slits the turf and soil then injects sand into the lines.  The machine is made by BLEC and is two machines put together.  The Groundbreaker in the front slices the ground with rotating knives.  The next machine, called the Sandmaster, opens the slice up, drops sand, compacts the sand into the channel, funnels more sand over the open slit then compacts it again.  The final product left behind is 6 slits, 10 inches apart full of sand and some sand leftover on the surface to be drug in as topdressing.  We have done this operation for the last 4 years with great success.  The slits keep the surface water draining to the drain pipes that were installed 4 years ago.  The goal of firm, smooth and healthy turf has been able to be achieved thanks to this great tool and a commitment to continue with an adequate topdressing program.   

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Aerification Alert

The fall aerification process to the greens will begin on Monday, November 8th.  The front nine greens will be completed and then opened for play on Tuesday.  The process will continue on the back nine holes on Tuesday and the entire course will re-open on Wednesday. 
5 tons of dry sand will be put on each green to help amend the profile.

Holes will be made with varying diameters and at varying depths.
1" diameter / 10" depth / 6"x3" spacing
1/2" diameter / 3" depth / 2" square spacing
1/4" diameter / 1/2" depth / 1" square spacing
Calcium, fertilizer, Bent grass seed, and other secret recipe ingredients will be applied.

 The sand, amendments and seed are then brushed and worked into the profile and surface.  Rolling with a 2.5 ton vibratory roller and smoothing with plate compactors will help get the surface back to its' firm and smooth condition quickly.